What about enjoying walking with us?



Walking is not only interesting, but also a help to keep us in good shape.




As you know, walking is an aerobic exercise, and is said to work as follows.



1  Improving the functions of heart and lung


2  Improving the flexibility of blood vessels


3  Providing our brains with agreeable stimuli


4  Strengthening the bones


5  Increasing the basal metabolism


6  Reducing the body fat



We always welcome anyone who is interested in walking, and we have a walking event every month in which we walk about 10 km visiting some historic sites, shrines and temples in Miyagi prefecture.



Participation fee is 500 yen per a person, including printed materials and accident insurance. 



For more information, please contact Mr. Nambu at 090-8789-9330.   




Miyagi-ken Walking Association


2-11-15-203, Tsunogoro,


Aoba-ku, Sendai